Custom Perfume Blend

$100.00 USD


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Product Description

This is a listing for one bottle of a custom blended perfume.

When this listing is purchased, the buyer will receive an email from us with a list of notes to choose from. The buyer can then choose five notes they would like their perfume to be formulated from with a consult from us on how best to combine those notes.

We will then formulate the perfume and let it age one week. After that first week, the buyer will be sent a sample of the perfume via Priority Mail. The buyer can then sample the perfume and contact us with any changes they would like (swapping out notes or increasing certain note concentrations, etc). We will reformulate the blend, wait one week, and then send a second sample via Priority Mail for the buyer to sign off on.

If a second reformulation is wanted, we can do that for an additional fee of $15.

Once the perfume blend is finalized, we will blend a full 5ml bottle of it for the buyer and ship it to them.

The buyer's perfume is exclusively the buyer's. It will not be offered for sale through our shop. The buyer can contact us at any point to buy additional bottles of their perfume for $20 a bottle plus shipping through a custom listing on the site.

If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to send us a message!

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